Ornery Character

Here is an illustration I did for the Character of the Week over at conceptart.org


Jasco was born on the generational ship Centauri Beta. The ship’s
interception and long internment by the Ericoids has left Jasco with a
distrust of non-humans. He escaped the Centauri Beta and Ericoid space
with two dozen others in a makeshift mass-driver craft he constructed
himself. He arrived at the first human outpost as the sole survivor of
the trip, the others died from sickness and hunger. At first he was
greeted as a hero but news soon came out that he had survived through
cannibalism. To get out of public view Jasco took post as a cargo
runner and merchant space-mariner. During the Orion Arm conflict he
became a blockade runner and privateer. Jasco has been stealing ships
for the last 25 years and is currently indentured to the Black Sun
Triad after they organized a prison break to free him from a
cryo-death sentence.

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